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Covalent Bonding for Kids - why do some atoms form covalent bonds? Why are covalent bonds so strong?

Water Molecule schematic, showing full electron shell with charge distribution! :D More notables to check out: Octet Rule & Electron Orbitals.

Middle School Science Cirr. - 6-8th grades. Free Download already saved. Link is to review and list of all materials needed.

Free Middle School Chemistry Curriculum- 691 pages- The chemistry course could be completed in weeks, depending on the time available. Each lesson takes about 45 minutes.

water covalent bond                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

This cartoon demonstrates a covalent bond, because atoms work with others to gain their octet, in water, the oxygen and hydrogen fulfill this purpose by creating a hydrogen bond.

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hidrogen2.jpg (597×302) KangaROOS Combat: Shoes KangaROOS Combat: Shoes