Ahhh, the allusive spark test. This indispensable tool/test in sorting metals/alloys has been used for at least the past few centuries, alo.

I like the carpenters axe, carving axe, American felling axe, and the Northlander forest axe.

Homemade Forge and Anvil - some good ideas in there to apply to the stand for my smaller jewelry one

If you want to get started blacksmithing and can't find an anvil, you can make one out of a piece of RR track for small items and knives.I'm not a blacksmith and I don't plan to start, but I would love to have this on my work bench.

Wait, these are real? I thought this was only something fictional that the roadrunner dropped on the coyote.

35 lb. appalachian style power hammer, built for 100 dollars and 50 hours labor

"my 35 lb. appalachian style power hammer I built for 100 dollars and 50 hours labor" sounds like a pretty good deal.