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there are many different colors of paint on the tray
Cake Painting Tutorial
How to make rice paper sails to add onto your cakes
there is a colorful cake with icing on the table and flowers in the middle
there is a colorful cake on the table
Kitchen revamp
someone is holding a slice of cake with lemon icing on it and the rest of the cake has been eaten
Lemon velvet layer cake
a birthday cake with writing and numbers on it
there is a cake that has flowers on it with the words adventure awaits written in blue and yellow
a baking pan filled with chocolate swirled cake batter on top of a table next to a knife
Easy Marble Cake Recipe with Rich Chocolate Buttercream
a slice of strawberry cake on a white plate
Easy Strawberry Cake with Fresh Strawberry Puree
If you're looking for an easy strawberry cake recipe, this is it! This extra-moist cake starts with a boxed cake mix, but is anything from ordinary. Top with homemade strawberry frosting that tastes like a milkshake.