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Krisztina Kovács

Krisztina Kovács
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Now just because summer is almost over (or if you’re reading this at some point in the year where this statement doesn’t…

Here's How To Actually Do A Killer Abs Workout In Just 15 Minutes All you need is some floor space and a midsection.

4 hetes hasfogyasztó kihívás, ami felülés nélkül csinál lapos hasat!

Crossover Crunch with Reach: lift your upper back from the ground & curl to the right, extending arms & reaching across your body toward your right foot. Hold then return to start & do on opposite side, that's 1 rep. Repeat for reps.

Got Rain? Love it! Johnathan used our rain collector to enhance the aquaponics garden in the green house...will have to think about this maybe on a much smaller scale!

It is time to start thinking about rain and rain catchment systems. Rain barrels can be stacked to create more water pressure. For local rain barrels check out got rain?