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Bleach// Gin Ichimaru

myopicat: “ “Bleach x Divine Gate Collaboration Art Part 2 / 2 (with Units’ Name and N°) ” ”

Musicality at it's finest. Medicine for the Soul.  MD.radio - Now available in…

Nymphs in the deep woods are mystery, they’re so elegant and charming like no one knows, that’s my concept. For ImagineFX magazine รอหนังสื.

Ah yes, another Byakuya Kuchiki fanart, this is at least the 10th one I've done of him already... and I'm still not tired of drawing him I am tired however of drawing little detailed cities as back...

bleach 613 Scans and bleach manga 613 raw will be added here. bleach 613 will be available here when the chapter is out.