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an image projected on the wall in front of a chair
Liam O'callagham "Chaos and dreams yet to come" 2005 jeu de lumière, reflets sur du papier d'aluminium.
shadows cast on the wall in front of trees and birds sitting on a tree branch
may-por-é — Rachel Berwick
shadows cast on the wall and floor in front of a glass case with various objects
shadows cast on the walls and ceiling of a room with stairs, fences, and buildings
the shadow of a child standing next to a curtain with an image of a tree on it
Little red Riding Hood primary workshops www.emilytracy.co.uk
the shadow of people and animals are projected on a curtain
Im Schattentheater hat die Phantasie freien Lauf
Schattentheater bietet Kindern viele Möglichkeiten, kreativ zu sein und zu experimentieren. Lesen Sie, wie Sie es aufbauen und Figuren basteln.