Book Vending Machine. WHERE ARE THESE THINGS?!?! WHAT?!!! ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

I don't care what books would be in a book vending machine. I would buy one because it would have come from a BOOK VENDING MACHINE!

I finished my book and now I don't know what to do with myself.

cat animals Black and White book animal livro photos preto e branco gato

Und so siehts aus wenn aus Geschichten lebendig werden....(Fairy tale book in souvenir shop in Efteling (NL). )

The embodiment of an idea. Crafted in the way that gives flight and form to the fantasy. A fairy tale Book Display in a shop at the Efteling Theme Park in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands.

All cool

Awesome bookstores from around the world. If I had a bucket list, this would be on it. I need to travel and visit these!


I love the feel of an old book and the musty smell. I like to think of all the places an old book has been

Whatcha lookin' at?

donnerhall-darling: I wonder what is so interesting in that book? By the way, this is off-the-track thoroughbred Highland Bull from New Vocations and two year old Morgan. Stephanie Moon Photography His eyes look so kind Good Morning Beautiful

Check out new horse logo design on my @Behance portfolio: "Feathered Horse"

My latest horse logo design. The design is of a high trotting feathered-leg horse with a flowing mane and forelock.