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AS FRIENDS PEOPLE. I have no problem about gay ships or people but I think these two were meant as friends

Sooo true haha

Maybe he didn't name a kid after Remus because he already had teddy lupin

Dramione- My Gift for You by on @deviantART

I drew this a couple of months ago and for the life of me I don't know how I could possibly forgot to post it! Oh and also, recently I have just finished a Dramione artwork for a certa.

to save hermione and let her go on with ron

Read Chapter 14 from the story Things Change (Dramione) *Under Editing* by callalewis (Calla Lewis) with reads.

The Malfoys by Katerinan on deviantART (Dramione) --- I cannot pass this great manip up!

I totally ship Dramione and this is the freakiest most beautiful price of fan art there is. whoever did this is a genius.