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I am collecting useful information about Hungary on this board. This should include travel tips and also business opportunities in Hungary. I would mainly focus on Budapest.
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Hungary has SPA culture from the Roman times, these places have traditional atmosphere that serves visitors who are willing to enjoy some refreshment or relaxation. However on the other hand, some of the SPAs (espcially the Szechenyi Spa and Bath and the Lukacs Bath) are famous for their night vibes. These events are mostly recommended for the younger generation and instead of the water, the focus is on the music and each other.

SPA Parties in Budapest - An experience you should not miss

Hungary has been famous for its red and white wine and it's wine-growing region's since ancient times. Wine-tasting is also a tradition that has roots in the very distant past. If you are about to try out the best white or red wines you can have various choices here. In case you have a bit longer time than the average tourist it's recommended to go to the countryside and check out the wine-growing region is there.

Wine tasting in Hungary - the best places to drink wine in Budapest

The number of the exchange students arriving to Hungary is increasing year-by-year. This is mainly because of the high level world-wide famous education level. There are 14 Nobel prize awarded famous scientists who graduated from Hungarian universities. And we can also say that the costs of living (renting an accommodation, buying your own food and clothes) in Hungary is comparatively low.

Exchange student in Hungary guidance introducing three main universities

The number of people arriving to Hungary to have a dental treatment is increasing year by year. It is mainly because of the <a href="">low service costs</a> and high quality service. It is well known that such a treatment in Western Europe or overseas can cost several thousands of euros, whereas in Hungary you can have it for a couple of hundred. Private clinics provide world wide accepted and…

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The construction of the gothic style Buda Castle was started in the middle of the 14th century. It started to decay from 1541 during the Turkish era. It again suffered serious injuries in 1686 when the Holy League tried to re-conquer Hungary from the Ottoman Empire. It was restored partly in Baroque style, but in the same time it's original style was preserved. Since 1985 there is a gallery a museum and a library in Buda Castle.

Buda Castle, that has been built for 6 centuries

Rules Applicable to Private Entrepreneurs in Hungary

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Hungarian Tax System - Declaration of the Income and Payment of the Tax

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Food. It is something we talk about everyday, since the time we are able to speak. Traveling abroad naturally means that you try the local cuisine. In the case that you come to Hungary you would have a wide variety of dishes that you cannot miss. I will try to give you some introduction about the Hungarian cuisine, however I am afraid it will not cover everything. And even if you are not a foodie type, you can also enjoy international foods while staying in Hungary, in other words, you can…

Foods that you definitely have to try if you are in Hungary - Cuisine Guide

Basic Rules of Leasing Real Property in Hungary

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