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the flowers are blooming on the tree in the yard and it is hard to tell what kind of flower they are
Beautiful orchids
purple orchids are blooming in the greenhouse
V. Dr. Anek * V. Bitz's heartthrob
orange and white flowers with green leaves on a black background, closeup shot in full bloom
Bellisimopic.twitter.com/cSMzEO8EsF #Exoticflowers
three different types of orchids in various stages of blooming, from pink to green
Best Homeowner Landscaping Ideas Of All Time
These orchid pictures show how diverse the species can be. From a monkey orchid to a bat orchid and everything in between, this is one of America's most popular flowers. #besthomeownerlandscapingideas
a close up of a flower on a black background
Dendrobium tobaense var. giganteum
Dendrobium tobaense var. giganteum
some very pretty purple flowers in a vase
Paraphalaenopsis laycokii
a purple and white flower with spots on it
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purple flowers and green moss on a black background
Phalaenopsis lindenii
Phalaenopsis lindenii
an orange flower is growing in a pot
Sign in
an orange and yellow flower in a black pot
purple and white flowers are in a vase on a table next to a sign with information about the plant
Penang Flora Fest 2012
An update on Orchid Show in Penang Flora fest 2012.. Organized by: Federation of Malaya Orchid Society (FOMOS) Sponsored by: Penang St...
purple flowers are growing in a potted plant
Neostylist Lou Sneary 'blue bird'.