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This summer fashionable women don’t admire enough by turquoise, don’t breathe by mint, inventing a lot of the new options of manicure in this delicate colo
Top 30 Trending Nail Art Designs And Ideas
Дизайн ногтей тут! ♥Фото ♥Видео ♥Уроки маникюра Find beauty on xx #beautybridge
Looking for some new fun designs for summer nails? Check out our favorite nail art designs and don’t forget to choose your favorite!
Just like a fairytale.. White horse • Equestrian
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Cute girl's room idea for the horse lover. Keep calm and ride on.
equestrian these kinds of lighting shots!
I've known Breeze for awhile. She came from the same place that Munroe did- so they're kind of like brother and sister :) I took pictures of her when she was just a baby, and now she's grown into a gorgeous blonde bombshell. What a lovely girl.Peggy really wanted to play with the light- we tried…
"The riders hands are not to control the horse, but to feel the horse's thoughts."