A szegény ember meg a lova

Magyar népmesék: Szegény ember meg a lova

Hetet egy csapásra

A penniless furrier has done such a great deed (he smashed seven flies with a single strike) that he goes on an adventure and even outsmarts the devils.

A kismalac és a farkasok

Piggy lives alone in the middle of the woods. A wolf wants to eat him, but Piggy pours hot water on him. The wolf calls the others to help to get Piggy by jo.

Az állatok beszéde

A shepherd boy saves the Snake King’s son from the death by fire and in his thankfulness the Snake King presents him. He has two choices: either he understan.

Sárkányölő Sebestyén

Sárkányölő Sebestyén

A hallhatatlanságra vágyó királyfi

A hallhatatlanságra vágyó királyfi


Life awards a well-off Saxon farmer not only with the “burden” of wealth and abundance but also “compensates” him with a kind of loony and silly wife, who do.

A papucsszaggató királykisasszonyok

The old king is distraught, because his daughters tear their slippers at midnight every night, and he promises a great reward to anyone who would find out wh.

Mészáros Gyuri

What or what not butcher boy George thought? Not other than big nothing itself, still he took off to see the world, to fight with devils, to dance and whirl .

A bíró okos lánya

A bíró okos lánya