The Color Thesaurus

The Color Thesaurus

The Color Thesaurus, what a chart! Imagine creating this kind of chart by asking kids to determine what "colour" is a word. (We could them ask them to write a poem or a story and use that chart to see what colour it is.

CD mozaik

Farewell letter from

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.

Happy Home Made Stuff: DIY necklace with beads. Easy tutorial colliers à réaliser avec cotons et chaines

Happy Home Made Stuff: DIY necklace with beads. Easy tutorial - DIY and Crafts, Gifts, Handmade Ideias - DIY and Crafts Ideias

Tree Drawing.  This makes me want to break out the old sketchbook and just get lost in the lines of nature!

Melinda's art project for the whole year is do tree stuff. She tries to sketch a tree and, use a linoleum block, the linoleum block doesn't work out for her so she tries to be creative with her artistic ways


Animal stones, these ones I think are decoupaged which wouldn't be too good for Nova's rock garden. c R a F t Y,Craft Ideas,Crafts and upcycling,

mágneses horgászjáték

Gone Fishing - A Fishing Matching Game

Fishing mad easy :)) Oh I remember this game. Yes, how lovely making a fabric set and putting some magnets inside. Gone Fishing - DIY fishing game for kids.

great bag

Inspiration - Great Ideas for Upcycling Those Old Jeans It would make a cute little purse for a kid I think

How to Draw Faces For Beginners (learned these same tips in college art courses)

How to Draw Faces For Beginners

Proportion How to Draw Faces For Beginners (learned these same tips in college art courses)

In the garden. Created my own stone clad birdhouse a few years ago. Inspiration to do it again.

Garden Mosaic Birdhouse Large

The Fairy Treehouse Bird house diy birdhouse Mosaic Birdhouse :) Bird house from old corks

mandalas painted on stones

mandala, fun stuff friday, how to draw a mandala.excellent tutorial video on how to grow a mandala


tanglebucket : For my fellow tangle junkies: some thoughts on collecting and organizing tangle patterns Art Therapy

Gradient. Mosaic Mirror Frame in Black, Grey, & White by Johannah Willsey of Phoenix Handcraft via Etsy

Mosaic Wall Mirror, Stained Glass Mosaic Mirror Frame, Black and White Mirror

Items similar to CUSTOM Mirror, Mosaic Mirror Frame, Large Mosaic Mirror, Decorative Mirror, Stained Glass Mosaic on Etsy

15 DIY Fabulous Fashion Crafts

DIY Tutorials for Fashion Crafts You Won’t Miss

Beaded Safety Pin Bracelets- this would be a good Gee Stuart & project! We can drink wine & make jewelry, LOL! All you need is some elastic, safety pins, and beads (try not to go too big on beads, smaller ones tend to work better for this).