Wonderful response to its place in the enviroment - Under Pohutukawa House by Herbst Architects

Under Pohutukawa is an award-winning beach house designed by Herbst Architects. It was recently honoured as Home NZ Magazine's Home of the Year, The design is a breathtaking open-concept living space with beautiful wood finishings throughout.

Living Room with white walls and furniture

Contemporary residence designed for an older couple by Laidlaw Schultz Architects situated in lovely Cameo Highlands in Corona del Mar, California. Description by Laidlaw Schultz Architects With a love for gardening and a want to.

Living room with a great fireplace in a stone wall

Countryhouse in Val Tidone - Pianello Val Tidone, Italy - 2005 - Park Associati

The architectural interior design of the small loft apartment strives not only to accomplish the investor’s and author’s functional requirements, but alsoto reach a spatial experience perceivable with all our senses by means of material, colors, and shape combinations.

Small Attic Loft Apartment in Prague. Yes, this cozy little space in Prague!

Modern, clean lines

Russian architect Alexey Nikolashin has designed the interior of this apartment located in Moscow, Russia. Photos courtesy of Alexey Nikolashin