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the words are written in black and white, with red hearts on each letter's side
Gedicht over examen, geslaagd, trots
the words are written in white on a black background
an old man giving the thumbs up sign in front of him with words written on it
a girl is pointing at her finger with the caption buna grappig
a man with a beard wearing a red and gold crown on top of his head
connect the dots with your fingers to make it look like they are touching each other
WTF Picture Dump
an advertisement for samsung's new phone
Anybody got other company puns - Funny
Manager Humor, Hate My Job, Boss Humor, Seriously Funny, Workplace Humor, Best Boss, On Social Media
57 Bad Boss Memes - Funny Managers That Won't Get a "Best Boss" Mug
funny guys are dangerous, they'll make you laugh and laugh
a black and white photo with the words nude selfie in the dark just for you
Do you like what you see? - Funny