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What Resentment In Relationships Really Looks Like
a woman in a red dress is sitting on the water and holding a crystal ball
Ruyi • UR • Elegant • Designer’s Reflection • Collector by ꧁Orangecatty꧂
#ShiningNikki #闪耀暖暖 #閃耀暖暖 #샤이닝니키 #シャイニングニキ公式 #Nikki3D #NikkiUp2u4 #Nikki4 #3DDressupGame #ChineseMobileGame #Nikki’sDiaryThailand #Orangecatty
an image of many different types of sea creatures
a painting of a girl in a red dress standing at an entrance to a castle
an open book with drawings on it and pictures of buildings in the pages, including a clock tower
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すい on X: "韓流アイドル風 ドルパロ https://t.co/j7QY1z3AE2" / X Horoscopes, Comics, Angel Of Death, Myers Briggs Type, Myers–briggs Type Indicator, Myers Briggs, Enfp T, Entp
すい on X: "韓流アイドル風 ドルパロ https://t.co/j7QY1z3AE2" / X
a drawing of two children with one holding a suitcase and the other carrying a bag
The Art of Studio Ghibli - Part 3
Flooby Nooby: The Art of Studio Ghibli - Part 3
an article on how to get rid from rat in a glass bottle with the caption's description below
LOL... Little rebel... I love #42... Rats are characters... Just goes to show you... Not every one is the same or predictable... I say take what speaks or resonates with me in every animal... and in nature itself... and human... It's beautiful to recognize and discovery all you love or lights you up from the inside out... They are a part that I will embrace to help a part of the holy communion in me... <3
a person is holding a small insect in their right hand and touching it with the other hand
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two people standing in front of some houses and one is holding a cane while another person stands on the sidewalk