© Erich Lessing/Magnum Photos. Wienerwald, Austria, 1954

Wienerwald, Austria, 1954 - by Erich Lessing Austrian

Photo by Erich Lessing

Photo by Erich Lessing

Erich Lessing 1954

Erich Lessing Meeting of the Allied Council of Austria. Caps of the four occupation powers. At the end of the war the Allies : USA, Great-Britain, France and Soviet Union occupied the country.

ERICH LESSING GERMANY. West Berlin. 1957. Canadian pianist Glenn GOULD (left) and Austrian conductor Herbert von KARAJAN during a rehearsal

Herbert List, Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (left) and Austrian conductor Herbert von Karajan during a rehearsal with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, West Berlin, Germany.

ERICH LESSING HUNGARY. Budapest. October-November 1956. Insurrection. Outside of the former central office of 'Szabad Nép'

ERICH LESSING - HUNGARIAN REVOLUTION 1956 The beginning of the De-Stalinization period in Hungary favoured the development of an opposition movement, particularly among students and intellectuals.

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