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A bright blue blazer with white pants, a white shirt, and a pocket square accent.not sure I can go to the white pants though .

Casual Cool | Watch brand inspired by Italy:

The white button down. ---------- Spring / Summer - casual style - street style - beach style - navy pants + white button down neck shirt + blue woolen slip on shoes + black sports blazer + aviators

29 Relaxed Yet Stylish Men Vacation Outfits Styleoholic | Styleoholic

Espadrille, kaki pans, white T-shirt and summer hat! Just perfect summer outfit☀️

The classic navy blue blazer is one piece of clothing that should be hanging in every man's closet. It can be the most versatile part of your wardrobe.

Navy Blazer/Sportcoat

Style [men] — Navy Blazer — White and Blue Vertical Striped Longsleeve Shirt — Brown Suede Derby Shoes — Brown Leather Belt — Pink Chinos — White Pocket Square

Shop this look on Lookastic: — Brown Wool Hat — White and Navy Horizontal Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt — Black Shorts — Grey Suede Brogues

Men's White and Navy Horizontal Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Grey Suede Brogues, Brown Wool Hat

Busy days call for a simple yet stylish outfit, such as a beige crew-neck sweater and nude chinos. Brown leather derby shoes will bring a classic aesthetic to the ensemble. Shop this look on Lookastic: — Dark Brown Sunglasses — Beige Polo — Beige Crew-neck Sweater — Dark Brown Leather Belt — Silver Watch — Beige Chinos — Brown Leather Derby Shoes

Men's Beige Crew-neck Sweater, Beige Polo, Beige Chinos, Brown Leather Derby Shoes

GOO Beige in Beige Polo, Beige Sweater, a pair of Beige Chinos and Brown Leather Derby Shoes


Vacation Style in Majorca, Spain Models Arthur Gosse and Claudio Monteiro join J.Crew for a spring vacation as they visit Majorca, Spain for this month's s