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two objects are attached to a white wall
Eskimo Kissers - WONDER OBJECT - Gary Schott
the corner of a room with a white wall and a metal rack holding yellow objects
Eskimo Kissers - WONDER OBJECT - Gary Schott
Mechanical and Principle 210 - 3QMachining
3Q Machining is one of top cnc machining manufacturer in China, we offers one stop solution of in-house custom cnc machining service for Your Rapid Prototyping & Precision Machining Parts with our advanced 3-4-5 axis cnc machinery, EDM, Wire Cutting, Grinding and Surface Treatment, to meet your product design requirements and CAD drawing specifications.
Mechanical Principle 152 - 3Q Machining
3Q Machining - High Precision CNC Machining Services for Prototyping & Production of Custom Parts. 3Q Machining is top quality CNC Machining manufacturer factory in China for your custom precise plastic & metal machining parts from CAD drawings to final shipment, low MOQ with high-quality Products & Services & Innovations.
Charles Young || Paper, Sculpture, Animation
Charles Young || Paper, Sculpture, Animation
two pieces of cardboard with wires attached to them
Linear Motion by Cam Mechanism
the parts of a spinning wheel
Week 3: Wheel Based Mechanisms | ITP Fabrication
all about wheels
Cam Examples and Profiles
Six arm escapement
Mechanical Principle 70 - 3Q Machining
a wooden structure that is made out of wood and has four spokes on it
Polhems modeller