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an image of some type of text that is black and white, with different lines on it
2014 pt.1
Hand drawn type and logo types and badges. Vintage look and feel. great stuff!
the number six is surrounded by arrows and circles
Gorgeous Lettering by Nick Matej | Inspiration Grid
Cleveland-based Nick Matej created this great selection of letters and numbers as his contribution to the 36 Days of Type project. More lettering inspiration via Behance
an illustration of the letter e and it's shadow on a green background with red, white and pink stripes
the letter q is made up of an oval shape and has a curved tail, with a
Brought to you by the letter Q ..... I so wanna put that on a hoodie for him ❤️
an abstract logo with the letter q in blue, orange and black on a white background
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Q by Jessica Hische
the lp logo is black and white on a white background, it appears to have been designed by person
RoAndCo | Ro Agency and Branding
Negative space used to draw eye through the logo on the angle. Cut out angle also creates the dot of the 'i'. ... RoAndCo » The LiP » Branding
the letter s is made out of sand
Take 7,000 courses for $0.99
SKHY Apartments by Leah Shao:
the letters are made up of different colors
Lettering, Type Lettering, Typography, Type Posters, and Type image inspiration on Designspiration
I like how all the letters are different but still similar, they all go along with the same theme. The typography interests me with its vintage yet modern look
an array of multicolored lines with different colors
Jaroslav Hach -
an orange and white poster with the number two in it's center, surrounded by smaller numbers
THAT NEW YORK, brochure for Composing Room, 1959. Designers: Brownjohn, Chermayeff and Geismar.
a sign that says eat meat and some other things on the side of it,
Another hand done type and more needing out from me, like I wish I could afford the meat this person cut. But who can kern with meat? It's fantastic. Hierarchy is on point. I can't get over this. #lettering #typography