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the chinese text is written in two different languages, and it appears to be made from noodles
japanese graphic design
traditional japanese minimalist graphic design - Google Search
an orange and blue sky with the sun in the distance, as seen from below
using color and gradients to express mood and emotion versus shapes and subjects
an iceberg with two polar bears sitting on it's top and the word arctic below
30 Artisti per gli Arctic30
Save the Arctic by Francesco Poroli for Greenpeace. One of 30 works by Italian artists inspired by what happened to the Arctic 30 activists and the fate of the Arctic. #FreeTheArctic30, #SaveTheArctic
an amp and sign made out of banana peels on a white background, with the word amp written in black ink
dribbbbbbig.jpg by Brent Schoepf
Bananda / Brent Schoepf
an abstract poster with the letter b in it's geometric shapes and text that reads,
grain editLes Graphiquants
Les Graphiquants