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Snowman collage- positive/negative and symmetry. This could easily be adjusted with simpler or more complex shapes for younger or older children! I LOVE IT!

Krmítko s ptáčky - zima

Krmítko s ptáčky - zima

Need an elf to go with your Santa drawing? Here’s a pretty cute little guy to draw (which could easily be turned into a girl, by the way.) My sample above was colored with Twistable Crayola crayons. They seem to have a little more color than the paper Crayola crayons for some reason. All I know … Read More

Teacher-tested Art Projects for Kinder through grade and beyond.

Snowy Scene silhouette, negative and positive space, cutting skills, mirror image, symmetry

Best Snowman Crafts Ideas modify for la lune est tombee dans l'eau

BARKÁCS – Klára Balassáné – Webová alba Picasa

BARKÁCS - Klára Balassáné - Picasa Web Albums - don't need English instructions with these picts!


crafts How to make this cardboard tube polar bear. Cardboard Tube litle polar bear step by step!

2738048523199616887370 Toilet Paper Tube Owls

Now these are simply the cutest little Pillow Box Owls around. There is something irresistible about a cute owl craft. Now these little owls double up nicely as little gift pillow boxes, so…