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a floor lamp in a white room next to a table with candles and pictures on it
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a chandelier with five lights and three bulbs on the bottom one light is gold
a chandelier with five glass balls hanging from it
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three light ceiling fixture with white glass shades
Технічні роботи
an image of a ceiling light with white glass petals on the bottom and gold trimmings
Технічні роботи
three light brass ceiling fixture with frosted glass flowers on the front and back sides
Технічні роботи
an image of a ceiling light with five lights on it's arms and four bulbs
Люстра в прихожую - купить светильники для прихожей
three light chandelier with white glass shades and gold trimmings on the ceiling
Технічні роботи
a gold and white chandelier with many lights on it's sides, in the shape of leaves
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