made from plastic PVC tubes and mosiac tiles! - for a single plant, would like to see them lower (but an arrangement of 3 or 5 diff heights is good too) - maybe openings for SUCCULENTS - #planter #DIY #Garden #Mosaic - tå√

made from plastic PVC tubes and mosiac tiles. Except, I wonder how well the tiles adhere to the PVC tubes? Might work better on clay pipes

Feuerköpfe aus Beton

DIY table top fire "pits" - Bold Beautiful Brainy - A Life Well Lived: Project Rock + Bowl + Flame ( 31 DIY Projects for Busy Gals)


Michael Sherrill, NC Ceramicist Cool example of adding texture - could adopt this technique for my pineapple idea

DIY Mirrored Gazing Balls.

Amazing Spray Paint Project Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Decorate your garden with the mirrored gazing balls painted from used bowling balls. 30 Low-Budget Makeovers You Could Do With Spray Paint

Clay Hand Building Ideas | HAND BUILDING A FISH BOWL.wmv [+/-]

Ceramic Charity

John from Pottery Works uses an extruding gun to make this fish bowl, but something inspired by this could be created with open coils.

Great texture, need a very sharp tool for that one

mudbugcreations: stormphyre: samolivr: Samantha Oliver - New handle design I like alll of it :O The foot is so pristine! So tiny! Plus the handle is glorious.

Декоративные шары из цемента для сада. Идеи и мастер-класс.

Дачные идеи

Great tutorial on making these large balls. I wonder if archeologists 2000 years from now will wonder what their purpose was! (back yard concrete)