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a man and woman kissing while holding a candle in front of their face through a circular hole
This Photographer Uses Clever Tricks to Shoot Striking Portraits
Google+ Family Photography, Family Photos, Children Photography, Sibling Photography, Brother, Childrens Photography, Kids Pictures, Kids Photos, Love Photography
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a cup of tea with leaves floating out of it and on top of the table
a collage of photos with autumn leaves and pumpkins in the foreground, an image of a woman walking down a path
Skogsrå: The skogsrået (Swedish), (Forest Rå), Skogsfrun (The Mistress of the Forest), Skogssnuvan, Skogsnymfen (Forest Nymph), Råndan (the Rå) or huldra, was a mythical creature of the forest, or Rå, in Swedish folklore.[1][2][3] It appears in the form of a small, beautiful woman with a seemingly friendly temperament. However, those who are enticed into following her into the forest are never seen again.
a train track with trees and fog in the background
DougMark Productions
a man standing in front of a tower with a clock on it's face
Beautiful steampunk voyages from Didier Graffet
Ghost Soldiers, Battlefield 3, 4k Wallpaper For Mobile, Iphone 5 Wallpaper, Images Kawaii
30 Awesome Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 Wallpapers
an empty road in the middle of nowhere with mountains in the background