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Laszlo Frischmann

Laszlo Frischmann
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Tesla Model X Reveal

Two eagle-eyed social networkers spotted what may be the new Tesla Model X.

Here is a new kind of earbud that lets you cancel out specific noises around you. So you can silence that crying baby on your flight or the car horns outside of your apartment.

Doppler Labs Earbuds Let You Control Your World’s Volume - ProDigitalWeb

Want to know more about the Tesla Motors Model S? Info, more pics --> @Tesla Owners @Tesla Motors #tesla #ModelS

Kingstons Car-Tesla Motors Model S - Love this car! TESLA This is a High Performance Electric Car with Top Speed in Excess of 70 Miles Per Hour,With 270 miles of Driving Distance, before recharge and 0 to 60 in 5 seconds.