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some rocks with hearts painted on them sitting in front of a rock and planter
"Black and Red" Mosaic Hearts Garden Stones and Paperweights
"Black and Red" Mosaic Hearts Garden Stones and Paperweights by Chris Emmert, via Flickr
rocks arranged in the shape of a spiral on a rocky beach
Land Art English | Creations in Nature
AmMeer 438 Land Art by Dietmar Voorwold “Nature is the perfect stage and canvas for the beauty and lightness, that I like to express.”
rocks and stones are arranged on the ground
All cleaned up and looking much better!!
Lace rocks - put some in the fairy garden?
many surfboards are laying on the beach and in the water, with grass growing all around them
Simple Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 42 Pics
Stepping stones
three pictures showing different stages of making a plant from cardboard plates and paper plates with leaves on them
cool stepping stones
a piece of art made out of glass with red flowers on the bottom and green leaves
an intricately designed box sitting on top of a table covered in buttons and beads
Frances Green
Romantic white mosaic Box by Waschbear - Frances Green, via Flickr
three bottles are decorated with black and white designs
Black and white mosaic wine bottle
Black and white mosaic wine bottle by Meaco's Art Garden, via Flickr
a bottle that is made out of stained glass
Rainbow Bottle Mosaic
a blue vase filled with white flowers on top of a table next to a wall
Flower Mosaic - For Auntie Kay! by Nikki Murray-Mason, Nikki Inc Mosaics, Bermuda IMG_2052* by Nikki Inc Mosaics, via Flickr
a wine bottle made out of glass and various colored beads on the bottom, sitting on a marble counter top
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Wine bottle
a glass table with a man in the center and many different colored tiles on it
How to Make Glass Mosaics : Mosaic Ideas - YouTube