pick any object and portray it in the 4 seasons (tree, person, flower, landscape)

To help teach your preschooler about winter, spring, summer, and fall, try singing some of these songs about the seasons together.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall! Now You Can Sing About Them All!

Now You Can Sing About Them All!: A great way to teach preschoolers about the change in weather and the passage of time is to try singing some of these four seasons songs for kids.

Vivaldi's Winter from the Four Seasons on violin. Absolutely fantastic. To play this is definitely a goal ♡

This piano song called "Winter" by Vivaldi employs a sad, slow tune to represent the long months of winter.

4 seasons

one tree, square, represented seasons with flowers, fruit leaves, snow

Spanish Guitar Music Vol.1 - YouTube

Beautiful Healing Relaxing Music Long Time Guitar&Piano Published on Apr 2013 "I compose this music for you to relax and meditate.