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.Sourires du Monde

Karo Woman, Ethiopia (Relying on nature and trade for what they need, the Karo decorate their bodies to enhance their looks and attract the opposite sex. Here, a woman named Kawo wears face paint that imitates a guinea fowl’s spotted plumage.

Circus Clown & Female Performer original vintage photograph

An unidentified Clown poses next to an unidentified Female Circus Performer signing a photograph. Date on back of photo is May 1946 --- a bit creepy with that clown smile and hands behind his back, but I like it

Faces of Africa Pictures

Muradit, Surma, Ethiopia Muradit, a fierce and renowned Surma stick fighter, paints his face with white chalk to intimidate his ememies at the Donga stick fights. He will fight to prove his masculinity and to win a wife.