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a cartoon bear is eating food from a bowl
Moomin: Moominmamma cooking
a cartoon character standing in front of a birthday cake
several cartoon characters are hanging from a tree
Moomin family
a drawing of two animals with hats on their heads and the words ok moomer above them
the little mermaid and her friend are sitting on rocks in the water, under a tree
Moomin 90s
an animated image of a man in a top hat standing next to a bear and another person
a cartoon character holding a steering wheel in front of a fence with the caption hantat auki
an older man with red hair and green eyes wearing a black outfit, has the words oleeto nosso?
an image of a cartoon character with captioning that reads, vitu mika operatio
a cartoon character holding two beer cans with the caption, aha sita ydet pstyy
someone holding up a heart shaped object in front of their face with both hands on top of it