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a person wearing a black jacket and holding their fingers together
a person's hand resting on the lap of another persons lap, wearing a black sweatshirt
two hands are holding each other in the middle of a painting with white paint on it
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two hands reaching towards each other on a brown and black background, with one holding the other's hand
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a person with their hands painted red, white and blue while holding something in his left hand
Настя Новикова
a person's hand in the air with their fingers extended up to show an orange light
Tyler Spangler - Artwork Copyright © Tyler Spangler Buy prints...
a black and white photo of a person's hand holding up the middle finger
two hands reaching towards each other to reach for something in the air with one hand
a man's hand holding something in the air
Why Snapping Is the New Clapping (Published 2015)
a person's hand with their arm wrapped around the wrist and text that reads, tom marvolo riddle the boy who made all the wrong choices
perfect :: min yoongi
a person's hand reaching up into the air
Geneviève Cadieux | Untitled (Hand) (1997) | MutualArt