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May Parlar Photography // “Berlin-based photographer and video artist May Parlar  often uses outdoor open spaces for her impressive fine art photographs. She creates performative images exploring the human condition and the nomadic experience of ‘being’ in constructed realities. The idea of self, time & memory, the notions of belonging and alienation are recurrent themes in her practice.”  “ I work across different mediums such as photography, film, performance art, sculpture, installation, and
Hortensia Chair by Andrés Reisinger // After his 3D rendering  of a cloud-like armchair went viral on social media last year, Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger has made the Hortensia chair a reality with the help of 20,000 fabric petals.  Expectations View this post on Instagram A post shared by Andrés Reisinger (@reisingerandres) on Sep 21, 2018 at 9:50am PDT  Reality View this post on Instagram A post shared by Andrés Reisinger (@reisingerandres) on Dec 10, 2019 at 3:14am PST  After a year
Testing The Limits Of Reality With The New Tesla Cybertruck // @IGNANT has challenged the boundaries of reality to bring an impossible and creative vision to life. Marrying the futuristic and bold design concept of the new Tesla ‘Cybertruck ’ with CGI’s innovative qualities and the raw beauty of Brutalist architecture, this editorial is an example of the power of design, technology, and the imaginations of architecture—a shift away from conventionality towards compelling digital creations and cr


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EDEN Projector by Zhang+Knight // Beautiful visual project full of art references directed by Zhang+Knight for @iameden Zhang wanted to be a classical oil painter and Knight wanted to be an opera singer. Now they make beautiful films.  Directors: Zhang + Knight  Producer: Luke Tierney  Production Company: @friend_london  @zhang_knight
Jekaterina Budrytė Illustrations // Gifted illustrator Jekaterina Budrytė from Vilnius, Lithuania creates artworks with a twisted feeling of silkscreen process recreated in a digital manner.  @jekaterina_budryte
Modern Ukiyo-e Illustrations // Beijing, China, based illustrator JiJi being inspired by the traditional “ukiyo-e” genre of Japanese art, creates intricately drawn artworks with a modern twist  @jiji.shz

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SS20 INERTIA by kofta // “Impulse embodied in objects sets in motion the imagination, which in turn makes it possible to get in touch with the beginning and feel the primary motive. Continuity does not give rise to cyclicality, but opens up new things without breaking the tradition.“  Designer Konstantin Kofta is back with his new collection of hi-end leather bags INERTIA SS20. As stated by his studio - “We want to allow the viewer to gain different perspective on familiar things through synergi
Top 2019 Posts // Sixteen years online is no joke. We getting stronger, but still take crazy teenage decisions like the idea to run this year our new standalone Instagram account for @designcollector posts. Thank you for following us!  Definitely bumpy year for our social networks but still we are progressing well with Daily Visual Overdose on @post.visual
Top 2019 Instagram Masks // Post Identity Generation Selfie born with frontal camera instead of mirror is heading with giant leaps into the new decade. Despite VR predictions the year 2019 became a metaphor for AR Narcissism after Facebook released Spark platform and opened a code for everyone able to create an Instagram mask. Spark pioneers who had early access opened a Pandora box to a hoard of creators that flood a selfie market with easy to go digital “face masks” some praised only by friend

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The Guardian // The Guardian is a free interpretation of the parable "Before the Law" from Kafka's book "The Trial". A peasant after traveling the world arrives in front of a gate, controlled by a fearsome Guardian. The peasant tries to pass through but the Guardian denies him entrance. Peasant and Guardian are the same character, the peasant, like each one of us, in front of his own fear; the guardian, something shapeless, that surround and control him. The Door/Gate the possibilities we encoun
Fluffy mogwai of Renee French // Artist Renee French draws tiny fluffy creatures that seems to be completely innocuous. But somehow they fall into uncanny valley of perception with their exaggerated features of mogwai or gremlins  @reneefrench
Simon Hjortek // Strange Things happening on Simon’s Hjortek account who is in love with the beautiful & the bizarre. The weird & the wonderful. Also known under the pseudonym Magnificent Beast (@magnificentbeaststudios )  @Simonhjortek

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Mineral by Davy Evans // “Mineral” is a new photographic exploration of environmental issues, researched by digital artist Davy Evans . Plastic pollution is a huge threat the climate, and finds its way into every corner of our environment. The iridescent colour pallet has been created in-camera to represent the high oil content used in today's plastic production, which in turn drives the demand for oil.  @davyevans
London Fireworks 2020 // As a small tradition we share the most beautiful New Year Countdown Firework that’s taking place in London every year. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🇬🇧 London📍UK📍Europe 🇪🇺 England (@tmnikonian) on Dec 31, 2019 at 4:17pm PST  View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🇬🇧 London📍UK📍Europe 🇪🇺 England (@tmnikonian) on Dec 31, 2019 at 9:28am PST

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OFFF Kyiv 2019 Titles // Each year OFFF raises bar in creativity. Each year they release tons of endorphins in different locations around the world. This time the destination was Kyiv, Ukraine and with some epic talks and amazing team behind the festival they delivered an amazing visual experience created by Eugene Pylinsky (@pylik) & Eugene Lekh (@e_lekh )
Vicki Ling Graphic Art // Vicki Ling is a visual artist and illustrator currently based in Chicago, USA, has a strong eye for detail and a unique ability to convey emotion through her fictional imagery.  @vickilingart
The Lift // While reviewing @CiclopeFestival winners we found this gem. A short story of our zoomers life… #stepoutofyourhead

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Thomas Vanz for Max Cooper: Let There Be // Motion artist Thomas Vanz just release his latest collaboration with Max Cooper for his new track “Let There Be ”  “ “For “Let there Be”, Max asked me to think about the two key words “infinite” and “birth of humanity”. Everything came naturally to this process I was working on, involving two types of liquids blending in forever, progressively. I choose to represent the light of Kabbalah that Max once told me about, blending a very luminous and pearly
Luiz Philippe Art of Stone // Brazilian artist Luiz Philippe uses stone, tiles and mosaics to create his suitcase sculptures you will never get a chance to sneak on any border  @luizphilippecm

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Prostocrew Chaos Identity by Roma Erohnovich // Prostorcrew is a player in Moscow’s event market. A special attitude to visual communication is what distinguishes prostocrew from other agencies on the market. It’s not lovely pictures or business identity — it’s more like an album cover, a revolution symbol or a subculture sign.   Roma Erohnovich team released the first iteration of a formless identity  three years ago, and with the current redesign, we replenish the lexicon and make metaphors ou

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Anna's Karma sensual illustrations // Sensual watercolours illustrations featuring “femme fatale” went out from Anna’s Karma brushes
Guda Koster // Guda Koster is a Dutch artist who creates living sculptures and performances, which the photographs are the results of. Koster’s works are created in parallels of time, space and textile. In her works Koster uses fabrics, colours and patterns that underline the codes and meanings our clothing conveys  @guda_koster
Kate MccGwire // Kate MccGwire is an internationally renowned British sculptor whose practice probes the beauty inherent in duality, employing natural materials to explore the play of opposites at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level. Growing up on the Norfolk Broads her connection with nature and fascination with birds was nurtured from an early age, with avian subjects and materials a recurring theme in her artwork  @kate_mccgwire

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