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Roll over 'em! by Rookie425 on @DeviantArt

I finally put the hammer to my creativity and decided to make a Clone ARC Trooper OC. I don't have a designation for him yet, but he goes by "Dozer" Roll over 'em!

Star Wars Clone Wars, Star Wars Rpg, Lego Star Wars, Star Wars Clones, Clone Trooper, Star Wars Baby, Star Wars Stuff, Starwars, Star Fi, Legends, Stars, Cool Things, Storm Troopers, Soldiers, Star Wars, First Order, Star Wars Characters, Fortaleza, The Wave, Favorite Things, Wallpapers, World, Airplanes, Universe | Luke, I am your father | Built for the Star Wars Olympics at Imperium der Steine. This time my task was to build something with just 4x4 studs on ground but at least 20 bricks high. I have choosen the most popular scene from Star Wars ever. The legendary Bespin Duel, when Vader tells Luke that he is his father.

We are running the Star Wars Olympics now at our german forum Imperium der Steine, this is my entry to the second round. This time my task was to build some.