Március 15.

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many different pictures of christmas decorations made out of paper
Kreatív ötletek március 15-ére
the paper dolls are made to look like people
several green and red flags on top of toothpicks in the shape of santa's hats
a wooden table topped with lots of cut out animals on it's sides next to a book shelf
a black and white drawing of a coat of arms with crosses on it, in the middle
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four different flower designs in black and white, each with an intricate design on the petals
a red flower with green leaves and two small birds on the petals, sitting in front of a white background
Magyar Motívumok, azaz MaMo
three pieces of felt with the colors of italy and green, white and red on them
Kreatív Sarok - Neteducatio
an image of paper cut out to look like the shape of a flower and leaves
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