Super cute Lego Party ideas Lego filled vases as centerpieces

Lego Party

Lego party - square yellow plates with lego faces drawn on, if I could find square yellow plates. Keeping this mostly for the Lego confetti

****This has tons of cute lego party ideas! eye spy the lego, coloring and more!!!!Creating a Lego Looking Table Runner for a Lego Party***

Lego Birthday Party

Table Runner: use bubble wrap, spray painted green, to look like the lego base Lego birthday party ideas for you to keep in mind ;

party game. Suck a lego and move it onto a plate. The person with the most on their plate in 2 minutes wins!! Cute party game.

Lego Birthday Party Games - suck a Lego onto a plate, timed for 2 minutes, whoever got the most Legos on their plate using only a straw wins.

Show us your party – Jack’s Lego birthday party games -

Show us your party - Jack's Lego birthday

lego coloring, pin the dot on the lego man, lego games and ideas for parties

Art lego coloring, pin the dot on the lego man, lego games and ideas for parties birthday-ideas

Set up a “Decorate A Mini-Figure” station. | How To Throw The Ultimate LEGO Birthday Party

Set up a

Set up a “Decorate A Mini-Figure” station. Would be a great activity for young LEGO classes

Lego party game ideas!

LEGO at-home birthday party for 10 - 11 year olds - wonderful party game ideas!

5 Cool Lego Movie Party Games & Activities | eBay

Throwing a Lego Movie party can be so much fun! There are a ton of items available to help make a semi-homemade party fun, fabulous and MEMORABLE, but when planning a party for the kiddos, it& all about.

Pin the Spot on the LEGO Party Game. Link to blog with best lego games!!!! Sam

The ultimate list of LEGO® party games

LEGO® party planning mamas, look no further! I’ve put together a handy-dandy (and dare I say ultimate) list of LEGO party games! There are so many fun ways to keep kids entertained with LEGO bricks, or with themed games like “Pin the Head on the .