Early medieval gown

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an old book with some paintings on it
Hairstyles in the Eleventh Century
Scribbling in the margins: Hairstyles in the Eleventh Century
an old painting with three people standing in front of it
Bibbia San Paolo fuori le Mura ( seconda metà IX secolo) commissionata da Carlo il Calvo al monaco benedettino Ingolberto, della scuola di Reims Elkana e Anna, figure di ceto alto
an old manuscript with writing on it and a drawing of a man holding his hands in the air
10/11th century south Italy, Fables - MS M.397
Head Of Holofernes, Henry Iv, Moyen Age, Medieval Art, 12th Century
1060-1070 Italy, BSB Clm 13001
two paintings of men shaking hands with one holding a dog and the other wearing robes
1000-1020, Germany, Staatsbibliothek Bamberg Msc.Bibl.140 - Bamberger Apokalypse
a black and white drawing of a woman with her arms crossed
My Vendel Costume--Barking Up The Wrong Tree?
Loose Threads: Yet Another Costuming Blog: My Vendel Costume--Barking Up The Wrong Tree?
an image of two women in medieval clothing
a drawing of a woman's dress from the early 1900's, with her arms outstretched
Sketch of pleated linen dress and apron-dress with pleats in the back for fullness. Apparently from D. Rushworth, "Handbook of Viking Women's Dress AD 700-1200" My comment : curious I have seen a version that the wearer loved as it kept the apron dress tight around her bust but had the fabric to cover her bottom and thighs.
some drawings of women's clothing from the early 20th century, including dresses and headdress
an old manuscript with two men standing next to each other
Западная Европа 9-11 веков