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Horváth Flóra
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Hi I'm Jo Jo my dad is the Cheshire cat I'm single and 15 I always have a smile don't be scared if I disappeared

Hi I'm Jo Jo I am 14 and single I love to dance and sing and make musical. I am really hoping to find new friends! Anyway come say hiiiii *I giggle*~JoJo

JoJo Siwa

Pop Star Sensation, Dancer and Social Media Guru, JoJo Siwa, to Ride Lucy Pet's Gnarly Crankin' Wave Maker 2017 Tournament of Roses Parade Float

My new photoshoot photos will be coming soon so stay tuned for them! Anyway, the junior high and highschool dance is tomorrow! Who is going?! I'm going dress shopping! -Jojo

Hi I'm Jojo! My bestie is Kalani and Kenzie! Now I dance at aldc! Gianna is like a mom to me! It's been a long time since I seen Kalani and Kenzie. I missed them!

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