Zsuzsanna Lehoczki

Zsuzsanna Lehoczki

Zsuzsanna Lehoczki
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Healthy comes in more than one size :)

Sexy girls with Curves. Curvy girls rock this world. Beautiful women with sexy curves. Hot girls with curves. Girls with curves are more sexy.

And I get upset for being a size 4/6. UM, REALITY!

Very interesting. So, if men's ideal is size and women's ideal is size who's responsible for this unrealistic and ridiculous "mainstream" beauty standard? If you're size cool. If you're size that's cool too. Beauty is beauty.

Size 10 toned and beautiful.. these are the types of women to aspire to look like.. not those stick figures that look like 11 year old boys... Perfection

For all the women who have curves. you can diet forever and still be a size It's called bone structure . Try and be healthy and work for fitness. This woman is still beautiful and toned! "Skinny is not sexy. Healthy is sexy.

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