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RFA Constellation Series: Gemini / Saeyoung Choi In Babylonian astronomy, the stars Castor and Pollux were known as the Great Twins. The Twins were regarded as minor gods and were called Meshlamtaea.

Only pinning for dancing frisk don't care if I'm not "a true fan" or whatever

Youtube Channel / Patreon / Insomnia Comic WELCOME TO MY ART BLOG >D Don't be afraid to drop me a...

Hmm, maybe I mistook the previous one? Sacrifice isn't the opposite of kindness, but passiveness is the opposite of perseverance (which in turn is almost a synonym for determination)

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QUIZ: Which Undertale soul do you have? ***************************************** Have you ever wondered what color your soul would be if you fell into the Underground? Take this quiz to find out!

Soul by keld126 on DeviantArt

you can use the soul with a red star, but the other, ask me please. and if you see a soul already existant in au, say me that, thank (sorry for my bad e.


I'm pretty sure monster souls wouldn't be LOVE but this is still nice

Rainbow of Souls by Meiko-Vocaloid-Red

Rainbow of Souls by Meiko-Vocaloid-Red ------ I like this. It's like those comics I pinned where one soul has another deep down. I like to think a person can have 2 or but the one they most have is the soul's color.

I live by this. ❤️

Sabiendo que eso es probablemente lo mas hermoso que alguien dira hoy. te llena de determinacion [TrAnSlATiOn] Knowing this is probably the most beautiful this someone will say today. it fills you with determination