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Leila Nakayama

Leila Nakayama
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SO TRUE<<ITS THE SAME WITH SKIN COLOR. I have darker skin than Tiny Tina (my most favorite character from Borderlands but I still wanna cosplay her without feeling horrible that I don't fit the skin color.<<do it fuck the patriarchy

I see 10! Doctor Who, Avengers, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Disney, The Big Bang Theory, Star War, Pokemon, The Maze Runner, Divergent

Im apart of the: Supernatural Doctor Who Merlin Pokemon Sherlock Narnia Harry Potter Maze Runner The Hunger Games Avengers The fault in Our Stars Disney Divergent Vocaloid Avatar Fandom What is life?

Put Your Finger Here | Know Your Meme

i just spent the last ten minutes doing this and laughing every single time don't actually touch the screen tho