Melyik gyógyító kristály illik a sorsszámod minőségéhez?

Even though I love rocks and crystals, I totally roll my eyes at "crystal healing". However, this is kind of an eye-opening way to think about it. The power of intention, the placebo effect, etc.

Ki vigyáz Rád? - Őrangyalok és arkangyalok

Prayer To The Guardian Angel Angel of God , my guardian dear , to whom God's love commits me here , ever this day be at my side to light & guard , to rule & guide.

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Are you ready to let go of overwhelm and stress as your normal lifestyle? The peaceful path will lead you from chaos and confusion that exhausts you … into replenished vitality and focus and happiness.

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Beloved ones, We the Arcturians come to you within your NOW to salute you for your ever-expanding transmutation into higher and higher frequencies of consciousness. As your consciousness expands in…

Szerencsehozó tárgyak a numerológia szerint

Szerencsehozó tárgyak a numerológia szerint

Milyen lesz a 2016-os esztendő?

Milyen lesz a 2016-os esztendő?

Karmikus számok a numerológiában

Karmikus számok a numerológiában

Angyal vagy maga a gonosz? – A molyember története

Mothman was a name given to a mysterious creature allegedly seen in and around Point Pleasant, West Virginia in Eyewitnesses said that this “thing” was roughly man-shaped, winged, and stood seven or eight feet tall.


Use clean paint stirrers to avoid bacterial contamination. Excess bacteria can cause water-based paint to get thin and runny, making it .

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Can I really Get Ovarian Cysts After a Hysterectomy?

Cékla – A rubinvörös egészség

Cékla – A rubinvörös egészség

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This image shows fear. After Macbeth kills Duncan, he gets scared that people will come after him. Out of fear, he kills even more people in an attempt to save himself.

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Healing Yourself And The World, Digital Art, 2017

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Magical Images of Ethereal Photography