hands / blood / etc / with a Starbucks cup

I lifted their left wrist and caressed the soft humanlike skin, I expected the black paint to come off. Is it a special type of paint? How could it stay on through burns and blood?

Dreamlike Self-Portraits

Kylie Woon compiles multiple shots in Photoshop to make these awesome levitation photos! Dreamy Levitation Shots Made in Photoshop

Blood on snow. Red on white. In all it's cruelty it looked beautiful.

quero sangrar, todos os climas e tempos < "I want blood, all climates and times" << blood on snow + picture prompt

Syringes - Reference

Some details of the Dentist Chair setup with an old syringe. Old Dentist Chair - Syringe


Death is always the winner. At least, that's how it was supposed to be. Death lost the battle against human mortality long ago; all there is now is eternity and the ashes of those who came before us.


The sword sat lonely waiting for its mistress. As she stumbled over the hill with her blood stained teeth she grinned at the sight of her sword.

Bdsm in black and white. My favorites and desires. If you see anything that is your work and you want it removed, please contact me and I will remove it at once.