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Um, wow - Superhero beards and mustaches. (Is it just me, or would most people be weirded out if they met someone with these designs on their face?) Beard and mustache art.

There is one thing that we definitely stolen by men – hairstyles undercut for women . And even if stolen, the women manage to bring and maintain perfect undercuts, as these looks hair was always sure females.For that will require some serious courage to shave one side of the head, but the good thing about …

There is one thing that we have definitely stolen from men - undercut hairstyles for women. And even though stolen, ladies manage to wear and maintain perfect u

Oil slick and undercut

Undercut Tattoos Are the Sneakiest Way to Add Flair to Your Hair. If I ever decide on an undercut again, I would so do this! Plus, I love the color!