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there is a crochet dress on the floor next to a rug with words written in it
a woman with blonde hair wearing a black knitted hat and scarf over her head
a knitted sweater hanging on a clothes hanger with white sheets in the background
@els.crochet “Head in the Clouds Sweater”
a woman with dreadlocks taking a selfie in front of her cell phone
someone's feet in blue jeans standing next to a colorful knitted scarf on a wooden floor
Bal, Stylin, Robe
ART, INSPIRATIONS on Instagram: “Elle préfère l’amour en mer ❤️⛵️”
Cute Outfits, Cute Tops
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a woman in white sweater and blue shorts holding an item with her hands while standing next to another person
a woman wearing a multicolored knitted hat with ear rings on her head
crochet beanie
three knitted items sitting on top of a green couch next to a blue and white striped pillow