01-05 century men's clothing

I century men's clothing, II century men's clothing, III century men's clothing, IV century men's clothing, reenactment V century men's clothing
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Leather objects of the Pre-Roman and Roman Iron Age in Northwest Germany (H. Jöns, J.

Roman Shoes — Discovered between 1979 Roman Shoes — Discovered Between 1979 & 1982 During Archaeological Excavations At Bar Hill Fort On The Antonine Wall. Roman Soldiers Built The Antonine Wall Across Scotland In The Years CE.

In 1944 Søgårds Mose in Denmark yielded a bog body of which only the arms and…

Drawing of a shoe found with a man's body in the bog at Obenaltendorf in Denmark. By de:Hans Hahne [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Among the Germanic peoples neck rings were worn by both men and women. The considerable grams—indicates that this piece probably belonged to someone of high status.

Appliqués, first half of century Eastern Germanic; Ukraine, Kerch Gold sheet embossed front and back

Shoe Buckle Date: Culture: Hunnic or Frankish Medium: Gold with garnets Dimensions: Overall: 1 x x in. x x cm) Classification: Metalwork-Gold Credit Line: Gift of J.