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a man kneeling down in front of a grave with the words aaron and his family written on it
Again highlights how Damon is always ready to violently give it back. His preferred ink is blood.
a handwritten diagram with the names of different types of words in each language, including one
A Stolen Moment, a vampire diaries fanfic
the faces of actors with different facial expressions and names on their face, from left to right
some people are wearing formal clothes and one is looking at the camera
two different pictures with the same person on them
before and after photos of the same couple
the many faces of disney characters
Walt Disney Character - The Vampire Diaries
many different pictures of people with names in each one's face and the words between them
several different scenes from the tv series
the faces of many people are shown in this screenshot
the vampires are all lined up in different positions to be shown on this screen
Then there’s Matty Blue Eyes
four different pictures of the same person with their mouths open
Elena & Hayley & Damon & Elijah ❤🥰
Funny Book Memes Part III Ian Somerhalder, Caroline Forbes
Funny Book Memes Part III - Paperblog
Funny Book Memes Part III
two women are sitting on the ground and one is writing
the vampire and his bride are kissing in front of each other, with one woman hugging her
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two girls with different facial expressions and numbers on their faces
some very pretty eyes with long lashes on them
Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie
Really Funny, Otp
by HendyCape about The Originals
the vampire quote is shown in three different languages, including one that says when i watch the vampire diaries, i don't even watch the scenes
the twilight saga movie characters with captioning in english and spanish on separate pictures
Team Salvatore all the way!
two pictures with snowmen in the middle and one has a santa hat on
25+ Best Vampire Diaries Memes | M 18 Memes, Other Memes
Image result for vampire diaries memes
a computer keyboard with two pictures of the same person on it, and an image of someone's face
Memes de The Vampire Diaries
¿Cansad@ de buscar memes de TVD por todos lados, para poder mostrarle… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad
the twilight saga, which is one of the most memorable scenes in movies and tv
two pictures of the same person and one has an image of them pointing at something