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Homemade Epsom Salt Garden Mix: Miracle Solution for Healthy, Growing

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Your peppers, tomatoes and roses will love this simple miracle mix for better growing and for better plants.

How to grow strawberries and asparagus the permaculture way

Learn how to grow strawberries and asparagus in the same plot and raise 1000 lbs of food from one planting, with simple upkeep to produce food for years.

How to Grow Blueberries - Organic Gardening

Quality blueberry bushes make the ideal addition to your garden. Blueberries are a great fruit crop for the local garden since they are very easy to grow, require a small amount of space and are very healthy. When you grow your own plants you know they are healthy, pesticide-free and produce fruit that is safe …

Using Eggshells - Smart Garden Tips

Using eggshells in the garden can improve your harvest and save you a bit of money, too. Give these ideas a try for a no-cost way to a better garden!

Kitchen Garden

How to Grow Your Own Tea Garden will show you how easy it is to have the ingredients for your favorite teas just outside your door. Who knew it would be so easy? “Tea makes everything better.”- Bindi Irwin Not only will growing your herbal and floral teas save you money, but most of the...Read On →

Wood Ash

If you're heating with wood, there's always plenty of wood ash to go around. While

21 Veggies & Flowers To Plant In The Garden In Fall

As we wind down summer and head into fall, don't hang up your gardening gloves just yet, there is still plenty to do! Fall is great for planting because the air is cool but the

How to Plant a Strawberry Patch

There is nothing quite like the taste of home-grown strawberries. Especially when you realize how easy it is to plant your own strawberry patch

How to Harvest, Cure, and Store Onions - The Seasonal Homestead

Onions are wonderful because they give an easy sign that they are ready for harvest. The tops will start to yellow and flop over. Not just a little bit but entirely over at the neck of the onion plant. The image below shows onions that are not ready to be harvested yet.

Cut to Size: Vegetable Garden Pruning for Beginners

You should prune your vegetable plants, even though some don't find it necessary. Learn how to prune vegetable plants such as tomato, cucumber, and squash with our guide.

How to grow your own onions - David Domoney

Onions are incredibly popular and it's easy to grow your own in the garden or allotment. Plant sets or seeds today and tuck into homegrown onions this year!

10 Perennial Herbs You Can Plant Once & Enjoy For Years

Plant these herbs once and they'll come back every year meaning you can have an endless supply of nutritious and delicious fresh herbs all year long.

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The Best Way to Root Tomato Cuttings

Tomato plants are so easy to root from cuttings. Give this a try and you'll have twice as many plants in your garden!

For Beginners: Tomato Growing Basics

I know I previously mentioned tomato blight, an infection that can do some serious damage to tomatoes in damp summer months, but I thought it would also be good to just go over some basics about to…

Planting Garlic in the Fall for a Summer Harvest - One Hundred Dollars a Month

It’s that time of year again…or, if you have never tried growing garlic, it’s time to start. Garlic is RIDICULOUSLY easy to grow, and it overwinters, so it doesn’t really take up too much time or precious space in your garden boxes. Growing garlic is very simple and straightforward. For starters you want to try […]