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a map of europe with the names of different languages in yellow and black on it
Potential EU Leaving Names
Oui out, Nicoseeya
a map of the world if you're a fish
a map with the names of countries in different colors and sizes, including red, green,
two maps with words that say love knows no borders and nether does britain on them
*imperialism intensifies*
*imperialism intensifies* : memes
two men standing next to each other in front of a wall with the words we faceswapped puttin and the pope and it doesn't even look weird
I Faceswapped Putin and the Pope and It Doesn't Even Look Weird Not Gonna Doubt It | Pope Francis Meme on ME.ME
two men sitting at a table talking to each other in front of another man who is wearing a suit and tie
33 Funny Posts From This Week on Twitter
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