Not getting married anytime soon but this is adorable. Oscar would be so handsome in a bow tie.

Dogs are family. So, bring them into your wedding! Check out these dog wedding photos that have us swooning:

Home Accessories – Maison Privée | Wall Art | Home Furnishings | Design Services | Made in Britain

Home Accessories – Maison Privée. Made in Britain. Daschund yellow and black throw pillows cushions.

Chia Buddy Samson would kill me but it'd be worth it!

Chia Pet - Halloween Costume Contest at

My boy Five is wearing a chia pet costume that I made for him. It's made of felt then I bought a ball of greenery from hobby lobby. Cut and measure the felt to fit him then I pulled the greenery apart and hot glued.

If only I has a dachshund.... Then this would be TRUE!!

Everyone is posting pictures of their kids and I am like oh hey, look at my Dachshund!

14 Bicycle Accessories Guaranteed To Make Your Neighbours Jealous

Don't you know that dachshunds need sunlight to grow?!.

celebritydachshund: “ Didn’t you know that dachshunds need sunlight to grow?