The amount of accuracy in this one image lol haha XD

Reminded me of you

This happens every time XD my mom actually ran away screaming I was crazy in her pjs down the street at 4 i the morning because I was getting ready for school and she came into my room and asked what I was listening to I literally laughed my ass off XD

Creating a great table setting means that every item has a place and a purpose…

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BrightNest | Your October Calendar for an Unforgettable Autumn (Printable!)

Your October Calendar for an Unforgettable Autumn (Printable!)

YES! Realizing the importance of this more and more every year lately.

I have a terrible sleeping disorder, it's called reading. ( I have insomnia too.but reading "fixes" it.) this is my daughter was me now i only read in the summer outside in the sun lol.

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What Should I Be Working on Right Now? (The DIY-Your-Biz Blueprint)

DIY'ing your biz and stumped with what to do next? This post breaks down the things you MUST focus on at each stage of your business to scale quickly.

I enjoy the look of terror in the cats face lol.

In this photo, the negative space is used to illustrate hands holding the positive space (the cat).